Rafid Automotive Solutions


The Rafid Accident Unit is a dedicated service provided to the residents of Sharjah in order to survey the scene of a minor traffic accident which needs to be accurately documented as legal evidence. A Rafid Traffic Expert is called upon to conduct an accident scene survey. Rafid Accident Unit will deliver the type of accident report required by Law through the highest level of technology, accuracy and attention to detail.


AutoXpress is a one stop shop solution for all automotive related services required within the Emirate of Sharjah.

With this franchise model we are expanding by opening multiple locations every year.


Our workshop is one of the largest most state of the art facilities in the UAE that consists of a fully functional Maintenance Facility which currently caters to over 50 privately owned fleets and 65 Government Departments. We extend our operator services to other workshops in the Emirate.


Motorcheck’s goal is to provide car buyers with the industry’s most comprehensive vehicle condition reports.

We can inspect and appraise cars and trucks throughout the entire UAE. Each report includes detailed checks of the body, paint, chrome, signs of accident damage, rust or bondo.

AJ Industries


Maintenance support improves and sustains the readiness of weapon systems and material systems. Maintenance optimizes the quantity and quality of material available for use. It maintains material in an operational status, restores it to a serviceable condition, or improves its performance or reliability. Since replacement equipment is scarce on the battlefield, the repair and reissue of an item is often the most expedient way to make equipment available.


Our representative office is essentially an extension of an existing business. Our selective network acts as a powerful marketing and promotional tool for your existing business, allowing you to get a foothold in the ever-growing UAE market while you expand your business with our full support. Our first brand representation is Granton Bus and Coach Co LTD from China.


We supply spare parts for Abu Dhabi armed forces in an extensive range (combat cars, BVP and others). We provide among others special spare parts for military technic namely for wheeled and tracked technic from combat cars to trucks. We are able to guarantee the top reliability of all spare parts for the military technic.