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OWS Automotive is an extension of MZ Holdings which was founded in Delaware USA. OWS is backed by MZ Holdings’ 32 years of automotive strength and support. Including original equipment manufacturing, vehicle design & prototyping and the establishment of several vehicle assembly plants worldwide. OWS was established with the intent of becoming one of the world’s leading suppliers of re-manufactured spare parts. During this time OWS has saved governmental and private automotive users hundreds of milllions of dollars.

In 2012 OWS evolved into a complete automotive solutions provider with services ranging from spare parts supply to vehicle testing and registration. Today OWS operates from 5 Key locations around the world and has a very large network of suppliers and customers. OWS employs over 500 automotive professionals and has a strong back office operating the very robust businesses for OWS Automotive and it’s partners.

A name you can trust on the road ahead...


OWS is dedicated to advancing the aftermarket, with an innovative approach that combines sustainable re-manufacturing process with advanced quality engineering.


OWS aims to become MENA Regions's leading pioneer in providing automotive excellence through sustainable remanufacturing and state of the art systematization.


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CEO’s Message

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Our management vision is to provide “something new, something different.” In line with that vision, we leverage our unique Automotive background & cutting technology to develop innovative services. Thus far, together with our customers we have created and opened up the market for several industrial aspects of the automotive industry in the MENA region. From here on we will endeavor to become a truly global company, with the goal of entering a new growth stage in line with further advances in the automotive world to constantly be ahead of the curve of this ever evolving world, while carrying on our commitment to innovation as a customer-oriented, development-driven company.

While the market for Automotive services is anticipated to grow in the future, the speed of technical innovation is fast, and fierce competition with competitors in the same and peripheral industries is likely to continue. We are determined to not be satisfied with where we are, and to continue pushing forward with our business, with a sense of urgency and defined purpose.

We look forward to always being your trusted partner on the road ahead.



Track Records

Quality & Value

Genuine OEM quality spare parts at 30-60% cost saving our customers more than 200 million USD in parts

Leading Auto Specialists

We have a team of highly qualified technicians whom are ASE certified & internationally accredited

All Automotive Needs

Businesses big and small can benefit from our wide range of parts and technical support

Strategic Partner

Remarkable network of Government & Private Partners

Growth Indicators


Set up 30,000 SQM warehouse facility in UAE with focus on spare part sales to various wholesale and fleet operators.


First strategic partnership agreement with Dubai Government signed to provide maintenance & remanufactured parts sales to over 12,000 Government vehicles.


Formation of “Rafid Automotive Solutions” a partnership with Sharjah Government to privatize government carried out automotive services.


3 additional Joint Ventures created between OWS & governments of the UAE to cater to local automotive sector.